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Who would've thought a restaurant that's named after a swanky New York neighborhood could be the go-to place for excellent Cuban sandwiches, Italian meatball marinara and Mediterranean chicken?

If America's a melting pot of international cuisine, leave it to Julie Schoenherr and her staff at SoHo Kitchen & Bar for giving such food a funky flair. The 1024 Historic Fourth St. bistro has topped our list for All-American Food by Weekender readers.

Do you get a freak-on for pho? Well, we just happen to have an antidote for that. With its expansive menu of Chinese and Vietnamese dishes, Da Kao Restaurant is a great place for pho, mi xao don, bo luc lac and many more things we can't pronounce. The friendly and patient staff at the 800 West Seventh St. restaurant is probably one of the major reasons Da Kao picked up a first-place finish in Asian food.

Siouxland's Choice Award voters have a sweet tooth, too. They chose Sugar Shack as their favorite bakery. We mean, who doesn't love the stuff coming out of the 700 Jennings St. shop?

Still, we all want to get saucy! Perhaps, Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que is the messiest place in town. The 201 Pierce St. restaurant is taking home the top prize for best BBQ in Siouxland.

Once upon a time, breakfast was only served in the morning. At Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant, you can order omelets, flapjacks and a slab of bacon any time of the day. The 2401 East Fifth St. eatery has again topped your list for having the best breakfast/brunch in town. 

Americans love fusion cuisine. We take elements from one culture while adding it to another dish. Mr. Stirfry, the Siouxland's Choice winner for Best Buffet, has been doing that for years.

Legend has it that Louis Lassen, the proprietor of New Haven, Conn.'s Louis Lunch, invented the hamburger in 1900. However, Lassen's burger lacked such essential ingredients like jalapeno, cream cheese and grape jelly. Wait, you can only get the Popper Topper Burger at Soho Kitchen & Bar (1024 Historic Fourth St.)? Well, that may explain why they picked up the Siouxland's Choice Award for Best Burger joint.

This winter, we've been socked in with blizzards, ice storms and wicked winds. What are Weekender readers in the mood for? That's right, we're in the mood for ice cream. Cold Stone Creamery was selected as the best place in town to get a dessert. The 1921 Hamilton Blvd. shop may be the coolest place in town ... literally.

We may not be fancy very often but we do appreciate fine dining on occasion. So do Weekender readers. They chose Minervas Food & Cocktail, 2945 Hamilton Blvd., as their favorite fine dining establishment.

The Siouxland's Choice winner for Greek food, Greek to Me, 5714 Sunnybrook Drive, is like the United Nations of fast-casual dining. Where else can you get a Gyro Pizza, an Olympic burger and a Philly Cheese Steak that is teeming with Feta cheese?  

Of course, Weekender staff members never had to experience this but La Juanita has been chosen to be the best place to go if you need a hangover cure. What, you saw us order a gallon of menudo at the 1316 Pierce St. location last weekend? Nah, it must've been somebody else who looked like us.

If you see a blue bunny in real life, we recommend you see an optometrist immediately. However, if you're in Le Mars, Iowa, feel free to stop into the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor & Museum, 115 Central Ave. N.W. since they're your top pick for frozen treats.

It's coming soon, they promise. Yup, Trattoria Fresco has once again picked up a nod from Siouxland's Choice Awards voters for having the best Italian food. Their Facebook page said the eatery's new 707 Fourth St. location will be open in a matter of days.

Who makes your favorite tavern sandwich? Siouxland's Choice Awards voter chose the Charlie Boy at Miles Inn (2622 Leech Ave.) to be their No. 1 choice. 

We're lucky that authentic Mexican food is in abundance in Sioux City. La Juanita (1316 Pierce St.) is the place where many Weekender readers get their fill of Jalisco favorites. That's why La Wah is our top vote-getter agian this year.

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom (5030 Sergeant Road) placed first in your outdoor dining experience.

Let it be known that Jerry's Pizza is no pie-in-the-sky type of business. In fact, the 1417 Morningside Ave. business has been voted your favorite place for pizza, according to Weekender readers.

Are they freaky fast? Yeah, but Jimmy John's is also a Siouxland's Choice Award winner for best sandwich. Check 'em out at 2408 Hamilton Blvd. and 5001 Sergeant Road.

Lent is upon us and many Catholics must eat fish on Fridays. Or they can eat seafood, seven days a week, if they so desire. We're guessing the folks at Red Lobster (4290 Sergeant Road) can set you up. They got the nod for being your favorite seafood destination.

Frequently named one of the finest steakhouses in the entire country, Archie's Waeside (224 Fourth Ave. N.E., Le Mars) was also named best steakhouse by Weekender readers.

Fuji Bay (513 Sixth St.) took home the top prize for area's best sushi.

But man can't live on food alone. He also need plenty of vino. Which is why the knowledgeable staff at M's On Fourth (1021 Fourth St.) is being toasted by Weekender readers for having the best wine list in town.

In fact, we say cheers to all of the winners! 


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