There are zero calories in a Siouxland's Choice Award. Then again, we're not so sure. All we know is that they're not edible. 

Why? Because we're not printing our certificates on Fruit Roll-Up strips! Although that does sound like an excellent idea, we'd imagine they would cause some pretty upset stomachs. But thanks to the Choice Awards voters, we now know the best places to suit our Health & Fitness needs.

For those regular checkups, voters recommend you visit Family Health Care of Siouxland, which houses multiple "Doctors Office" locations around the area. They really do mean Siouxland. If you're in need of immediate assistance, our reader's poll listed UnityPoint Clinic Urgent Care (5885 Sunnybrook Drive) as the best "Walk-In Clinic." And if things get really serious, there's always the "Hospital." Our poll said the best around Siouxland is UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's (2720 Stone Park Blvd).

Can't hear well? Siouxlanders say Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants PLC (101 Tower Road #120, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota) can fix your "Ear and Hearing" problems in no time. Can't see well either? Voters recommend Sergeant Bluff EyeCare (105 Gaul Drive, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa) for all your "Vision Care" needs.

Need a dentist to get that piece of spinach out from between your teeth? No problem. Siouxland's Choice Award voters claim Wheelock & Associates Dentistry (100 Morningside Ave.) as the best "Dentist" in town.

Boy howdy does my back ache! And my shoulders, too. Oh no... I'm falling apart! Aha, I'll go to the "Chiropractor." Siouxland voices say Inside-Out Family Chiropractic (3206 Singing Hills Blvd.) is the place to go to.

Now that I'm not falling apart anymore, perhaps I should get into shape. Apparently the best "Fitness Center/Gym" is JT Training (2122 Fourth St.). Or maybe I just need some "Vitamins/Supplements." In that case, Sioux Cityans said the place to go to is Science Nutrition (1925 Hamilton Blvd. & 5712 Sunnybrook Drive). 

For those looking to add more "Yoga" in their lives, look no further than Studio 83 Holistic Wellness (4501 Stone Ave.). Namaste.

According to Siouxland voters, the best "Assisted Living/Senior Living" services are at The Heritage at Northern Hills (4338, 4002 Teton Trace); whereas the best "In-Home Care" is UnityPoint at Home (2905 Hamilton Blvd.).

The winner of multiple awards in the Health & Fitness Category is Midlands. The best "Dermatology" award will be bestowed upon Dr. Michelle Daffer of Midland's Clinic, PC (705 Sioux Point Road #100, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota). Awards for "Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery" and "Skin Care" both go toward Midlands Cosmetic, Dermatology & Plastic Surgery (4301 Sergeant Road Suite 120).

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