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Good news: your relative isn't really in jail. Bad news: you just gave bail money to overseas swindlers. 

Another set of scam phone calls coming from supposed law enforcement officials has been reported, this time in South Sioux City. 

According to a post on the South Sioux City Police Department's Facebook page, scammers posing as officers have been calling locals, informing them that a relative is in jail and needs to be bailed out. The "officer" tells the person being called that the bail should be paid with a prepaid card over the phone. 

To add an extra layer of confusion, the callers are using a "spoofed" caller ID -- so the victim sees the call as originating from an actual law enforcement center. The spoof calls may originate from overseas, according to the notice. 

Anyone who receives such a call should bear the following in mind: the South Sioux City Police Department doesn't directly collect bail money and no law enforcement agency would demand to be paid over the phone by a prepaid card. By paying the scammers in this way, the money is effectively gone and cannot be returned. 

Sioux County calf killer on the loose

Authorities in Sioux County are on the lookout for a mean person. 

On Sept. 24, Sioux County Sheriff's deputies investigated an alleged trespassing and vandalism incident at 280th Street, 15 miles north of Rock Valley, Iowa, according to a press release. There, they found a calf shot to death in a pasture. 

The shooting is thought to have occurred sometime between Sept. 19 and 23. 

Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact the Sioux County Sheriff's Office. 

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