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SUV keeps going ... and going

SIOUX CITY | Who says SUVs can't get great gas mileage?

A sport utility vehicle that was stolen Monday evening was found more than 36 hours later parked by a bank nearly two miles away -- and still running. 

According to Sioux City Police, a Siouxland man left the blue 2012 Toyota highlander idling in the 200 block of Court Street while he went into a business. When he returned, the vehicle had vanished. 

On Jan. 3, employees of Telco Triad Community Credit Union at 1420 Tri View Avenue called the police, reporting that a Toyota Highlander had been idling for more than a day. 

Police arrested who they believed to have been the thief on Tuesday night in a vehicle that had been stolen in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a week ago. 

The Highlander has been returned to its owner, and police are continuing the investigation. 

Sioux City Police Det. Bill Nice said the gas light was on in the vehicle when investigators found it, and the car appeared to have been on a strange cycle in which it ran several minutes then shut off, before restarting. 

A tight squeeze

SIOUX CITY | It must have looked bigger on the outside. 

Firefighters had to remove a 51-year-old man from a window well after he got stuck in it while trying to break into a house, police said. 

Levin Arthur Nichols was arrested early Jan. 4 and charged with second-degree attempted burglary and aggravated assault.

Shortly after 1 a.m., court documents state Nichols arrived at a residence in the 100 block of South Judd Street, where he had previously assaulted and threatened to kill a victim living at the address. Documents say he kicked in the basement window to the victim's bedroom and attempted to enter through the window but became stuck in the window well.

Officers arrived on scene to find him lodged in the window well and called in Sioux City Fire Rescue to remove him. The victim, her mother and aunt had all been at the residence during the incident. 

Nichols was booked into the Woodbury County Jail and was being held on $52,000 bond.


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