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With 5 first-place finishes, Point After takes a bite out of Siouxland's Choice Awards

With 5 first-place finishes, Point After takes a bite out of Siouxland's Choice Awards


How do you celebrate an incredible four first-place finish in the highly competitive Siouxland Choice Awards food category?

If you're Teri Rexius, manager of the Point After, you obsess over the one category in which the longtime Morningside eatery finished in third place.

"Our pizza got third place again, huh?" she said, shaking her head. "That's a heartbreaker."

Still, Rexius' dad and boss Bob Roe is more than satisfied with the 2320 Transit Ave. restaurant's No. 1 status in appetizer, bar food, chicken and take-out foods. 

Roe is also pleased that Point After got the nod for having the best happy hour, according to Weekender readers.

"I truly don't mind coming in third place for pizza, after Jerry's and El Fredo," he said. "Sioux City has some great pizza and they're being made at locally owned establishments."

This is important to Roe, who opened his first pizzeria (Westside Pizza, 1200 W. Fourth St.) more than 42 years ago. 

Roe followed up that success with The Point After in 1982 and the North End Zone, 4100 Floyd Blvd., nearly seven years ago.

You don't survive that long without doing something right.

Roe is quick to credit the three generations of his family who work at the restaurants. 

While Roe remains a regular presence at Point After, Rexius has assumed the day-to-day operation. Grandsons Jason and Jeremy Houser manage North End Zone.

"Not only that but we have kitchen staff who've been with us for 20 or 30 years," Roe said. "Plus we have customers who've been with us every step of the way."

"Only now, these customers are coming in with their children and grandchildren," Rexius interjected.

"You see, we've always been more of a family restaurant than a bar," Roe said. "Folks can bring in the kids and not worry about anything."

Consistency is also key when it comes to food.

The Point After has a full menu of American favorites ranging from wings to specialty burgers to pizzas that run the gamut from the traditional (the classic combo comes with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, bacon, hamburger and a garden full of veggies) to the weird (a Reuben pizza).

"People know what to expect when they come here," Roe said. "They will get excellent service and delicious food."

But will they get pizza deserving to rank as Siouxland's favorite Choice?  

"Come back next year," Roe said. "I'll be here and so will the pizza."


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