Driving Changes (Weekender)

Some days I would rather drive in this than face the drivers of Sioux City. The scene above is a 2010 Associated Press photo of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles.

Is it just my imagination, or have drivers gotten worse over the last several years in Sioux City?

Still reeling after Lewis Black ranted about my SUX 6, I decided to put out a rant of my own about traffic and driving.

Honestly, I feel more comfortable in the "we are all in this together" mentality of Los Angeles driving. Even though there is infinitely more traffic in LA, people let you merge lanes without speeding up or slowing down just to block your merge. Here, the opposite is unfortunately true.

Something I've noticed ever increasingly is when I'm in a parking lot people don't respect the painted lines on the concrete. There are "up" rows and "down" rows that should be respected. However, often when I'm going "down" a "down" row, someone will turn "up" the "down" row and get angry at me for going the correct way. Between this and the fact that some people find the need to speed through parking lots make parking lots a place of annoyance for me. 

Another thing I can't stand about some drivers is their inability to use a four-way stop correctly. Some people must not understand how they work, or are too self-serving to follow the rules. The concept is very simple. You go in the order in which you stopped. Does that sound very confusing to you? Then there are the ignoramuses that don't want to stop at all, so they just follow in the turn of the car stopped directly ahead of them.

Let's get right to the next point. Many people must be very forgetful. They forget that they have turn signals located to the left of the steering wheel. Cars have them for a reason. For God's sake, please start using them. It infuriates me when drivers don't make their intentional path clear. It is dangerous, and it is extremely preventable. If you are too lazy to flick your signal, how did you walk to your car in the first place?

We all get old if we are lucky enough to be gifted with many years. Sometimes your faculties stay intact. Sometimes your eyesight goes. Sometimes your motor skills slow down. This is unfortunately why I don't think some of the elderly should be allowed to drive. It honestly scares me when I see an old Buick racing down the street at fifteen miles per hour with nobody driving. Wait a minute! There's the top of a little white curly head, and underneath are a pair of bottle-thick glasses. How is this little old lady seeing over the wheel when the wheel is over her head? Sorry Grandma, time to give up the license.

One more thing that annoys me is rubberneckers. I unfortunately rubberneck at times, but I usually keep my vision where it should be. It makes me livid when I'm in a 35 mile per hour zone and there's a guy ahead doing a zippy 20. I watch as he is looking at everything he is driving by. With each swing of his head, the car swerves towards that direction. Hey mister, there's no one in front of you, and I can't pass you, but I have to get to work or an interview. You are a jerk and I severely wish you were not ahead of me. If you are so curious about your surroundings, pull over and walk around.

Do people need to go back to driving school, or do they just need to take their heads and remove them from their own posteriors?

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