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1. Let's have some pho-un

Who the hell brought all the snow back? Didn't we just get rid of it? UGH! If you are as ticked off about this stupidness as we are, then you better ease your unhappiness with a hot bowl of pho. Sunday Pho-unday is back in full force noon Sunday (March 10) at Marty's Tap. 

2. Rock battle

After two weeks of hip-hop acts duking it out on the Anthem stage, it's time for a refresher. Performing this week's BAND6k battle of the bands competition are Port Nocturnal, Scarlet Canary and The Roller Shop. See which group makes it to the next round 8 p.m. Thursday (March 8) at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City.

3. I got the blues

And so does the Robert Cray Band. This Grammy Award winning artist may be considered a blues icon but he's not one to be tied down by the genre, opting to weave in influences from rock and soul and jazz, among others. Be amazed by the Robert Cray Band 8 p.m. Saturday (March 10) at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City.

4. Live and in retrocolor

It doesn't hurt to have a bit of rock 'n' roll in your life. With that said, head over to The Marquee for a rockin' good time. Watch Red Max, The Siouxer Rats and The Rooftop Junkies at 9 p.m. Saturday (March 10) at the Fourth Street bar and music venue.

5. Talkin' to wolves

The St. Louis alternative rock group New Lingo is pairing up with the Sioux Falls pop rock band Work of Wolves for an epic night of live music. Paired alongside these acts are Palmetto, Winter Wayfarer and Grace Jessen. Be a part of the experience 7 p.m. Saturday (March 10) at Whiskey Dick's.

6. Ladies night

Oh, what a night! The Sioux City Symphony Orchestra presents a night of lovely music with the help of Cherish the Ladies, a Grammy-nominated Irish-American group. Oh! And did we mention that this group is one of the top Celtic bands in the world? Because that's kind of important. See the show 7:30 p.m. Saturday (March 10) at the Sioux City Orpheum Theatre.


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