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Devour Once Dead

Devour Once Dead

Congratulations to horror metal rockers Devour Once Dead, whose legions of fans pushed them to the top position of the "local rock/metal band" category in the 2019 Siouxland’s Choice Awards.

The band, comprised of Vince Conway (vocals), Cody Shipp (lead guitar), Chris Dolphin (lead guitar), Nick Goodwin (drums) and Jason Verbeski (bass), has been playing its brand of hard rock to its eagerly screaming fans for the past 10 years.

The band is reprising its win from two years ago after not placing in this competition last year. This itself is a testament to the band’s hard work and determination.

How does it feel to be back on top of the rock/metal band category considering all the great bands you were up against?

Dolphin: “It feels great. It was the second time in three years. We’ve been around for a long time, so it’s good to know we are still relevant.”

Verbeski: “I knew we’d win. But I knew we’d win last year and we didn’t.”

You guys have been a band since 2009. What is the next step in the band’s career?

Conway: “We just got our website up and running…an official website,”

Goodwin: “Nick is our newest member, so we’ve been hitting it hard, writing new songs with him.”

Dolphin: “We will hopefully have a new album coming out soon. We’re taking it in a little bit of a different direction. It will still be really heavy and dark, but it will also be more creative. We are taking it to the next step musically and songwriting-wise…just getting better at that, then taking a small tour here and there. We are just trying to expand.”

What do you offer that no other band in the area offers?

Dolphin: “Uniqueness. There’s nobody like us here. We dress up and have a horrifying stage show with corpses and everything…nobody’s doing that around here at all. On top of that, we try to be really original musically; we don’t try to copy anybody, we just write music together to stay original…to stay metal…horror metal.”

To what do you credit your win?

Verbeski: “Our fans. We’ve got to give credit to Carla (Hansen) for getting the word out there and getting people to vote.”

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