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Timmy Williams never planned to work in comedy.

But throughout the five seasons the sketch comedy TV show “The Whitest Kids U’ Know” was on the air, Williams wrote and starred in every episode alongside fellow cast members Trevor Moore, Sam Brown, Zach Cregger and Darren Trumeter.

During that time, Williams portrayed a child whose vindictive elementary school teacher viciously insults him to tears, an oblivious online gamer ruining the voice chat with his at-home chatter and a kid who discovers a magic lamp and asks his new genie for three very difficult wishes, as well as many other characters scattered across 79 episodes -- the last of which aired June 17, 2011.

Now that the show has ended, Williams lives a quieter life in his hometown of Watertown, South Dakota, raising his daughter and making a living as an insurance agent while performing occasional stand-up comedy shows around the Midwest.

Whereas “The Whitest Kids U’ Know” was a collaborative effort, Williams’ stand-up allows him to do whatever he wants.

“When you have five people, you compromise and you work together to make what the five of you like the best,” said Williams during a phone interview. “So when I do stand-up, I don’t have to worry about anybody else’s opinion before I get onstage. Obviously, I’m thinking about what the audience will like, but I’m mostly just doing whatever I think is funny and going from there.”

The gigs allow Williams to do “his own thing” and test the waters for new jokes. In his spare time, Williams will occasionally play video games broadcasted on live streams via Twitch or Mixer. While not an extension to his comedy career, the outlet does provide a few funny moments for his followers.

“It’s normally a lot of fun,” he said. “It’s mostly just playing video games and talking to people. Occasionally I have used it as a platform to be creative. One time I paused the video game and made chocolate chip cookies. People have sent me weird costumes and stuff off Amazon so I’ll sometimes play wearing that stuff. I do a weird range of stuff, but it’s mostly just to have fun.”

Again, he could do whatever he wanted -- a freedom that Williams and his fellow cast members were very accustomed to during the production of “The Whitest Kids U’ Know.”

“We got away with murder on that show!” Williams exclaimed. “We got to do whatever the heck we wanted to for like five years. We did a lot of crazy things and we got to put out whatever we wanted for a long time, and that’s always going to be something to be proud of.”

The thought of a sketch crossing the line or going a bit too far was never an issue, at least from what Williams remembers. But the guys were certainly aware of when certain bits were a tad extreme.

Williams recalled when Cregger and Trumeter played as blue aliens in negotiations with Earth’s ambassadors. While laying out their requests to take all of the planet’s women, one of the aliens suddenly defecates from its chest, much to the wonder and disgust of the ambassadors played by Williams, Moore and Brown.

“We were like, ‘This is so gross,’” said Williams. “But we still thought it was funny. Oftentimes the gross thing was the main point of the sketch. We wanted to be that gross. We wanted to do whatever we wanted to.”

Stuff that William’s daughter will never see unless she has “at least a driver’s license.” She knows her dad was on TV and has even been onstage for comedy shows.

“I told her, ‘It’s a show for grownups. When you’re little older, maybe I’ll let you watch it.’”

Perhaps by then "The Whitest Kids U’ Know" will reunite for a film, the script of which was teased by Moore in February on Instagram. Williams said he misses the TV show and still keeps in contact with his friends from the sketch comedy troupe.

“I totally miss doing the show and coming up with stuff for the guys and everything,” he said. “We’re working on trying to do something within the next year or two.”

What does Williams plan to do until then?

“Being a dad and doing comedy when I can and doing shows with the guys when I can.”

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