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About Central Valley Ag

Brief Summary: Local Cooperative providing services and products to assist our patrons in Agronomy, Feed, Grain, and Energy.

About Us: At Central Valley Ag, we take our mission seriously. Every single day we aspire to provide innovative solutions that yield a profit for you, our customers. The agricultural world is changing all around us, and we must look toward the future to continue to provide the best agronomy, energy, feed and grain products and services. CVA remains committed to being a leader in the cooperative world, and will continue to keep a financially strong balance sheet to ensure long-term success for our employees and customers.

We look forward to serving you, and future generations at our locations across Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa.

Employee Benefits: Central Valley Ag is committed to providing an environment that is safe for employees and customers while fostering personal growth and development. We remain dedicated to our employee’s sense of well-being by providing an extensive suite of benefits.
Our Benefits Package includes:
A Choice of Health Coverages
Paid Time Off, Holidays and a Personal Holiday
Pension Plan
401(k) w/ Company Match
Life insurance
Short and Long Term Disability
Annual Uniform Allowance
Employee Assistance Program

Company Overview: Our Mission
Embracing the Cooperative Spirit to deliver value to our members

Our Vision
To be a world-class cooperative ensuring the long-term success of our employees and customers.

Job Opportunities: Opportunities are always Changing. We have a list of Full time positions at; Also looking for part-time and seasonal candidates in the Sioux City Area

Number Of Employees: 800

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While driving in Nebraska, Kansas or Iowa you may meet a truck on the road, or several, that proudly carry the Central Valley Ag logo on the side. Maybe you gave the trucker a wave or a nod, but did you think any more about what that person’s role is in the cooperative? Did you think about how much farmers and ranchers rely on these drivers?

Central Valley Ag transport is a diversified fleet, with nearly 58 trucks throughout the CVA territory. Dispatchers utilize 52 full-time drivers and an additional 50-80 outside truckers that help move products; whether it be for the agronomy, feed, fuel or grain division. Transport is responsible for efficiently managing these tasks providing CVA locations and customers with the products they need.


“We have to keep CVA on track with deadlines, whether it’s taking grain to a processor or making space at a location,” says Greg Vakoc, CVA Dispatcher in Royal, Nebraska. “That’s the fun part of the job for me; I like problem-solving. That’s what CVA dispatchers pride ourselves on. You want an answer, call us.”

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I was visiting with a producer last week and he quoted a phrase his mother told him, “Never complain about the rain, but you can complain about the mud all you want”. This year that saying couldn’t be more true for cattle producers. While feedlots are trying to keep their pens in the best condition possible, cow calf producers are facing similar issues. Do you take the risk of possibly damaging pastures in order to get pairs off the dry lots and save money by not having to start the tractor and mix feed every day or do you wait?  Sometimes the right decision is “as clear as mud”.

Besides land and money factors, wet conditions can cause other issues as well. Mud and wet conditions over prolonged amounts of time can cause hoof health issues for all cattle. Correctly identifying early signs of lameness and diagnosing can be a challenge. For a producer to maximize productivity, they need healthy cattle.  At Central Valley Ag, we help producers meet this challenge by offering performance trace minerals from Zinpro such as Availa 4.


Zinpro is an organic trace mineral company known worldwide for their expertise in bovine and swine foot health. Trace minerals are required in small amounts and an example of a few are Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Manganese, Selenium, and Iodine. Two of the most common cases of lameness are foot rot and toe abscesses. Foot rot is an infection between the toes that has a foul smell where a toe abscess is an abrasion in the toe leading to infection in the hoof. This condition is painful and normally has no swelling.  Zinpro developed a Step-Up locomotion scoring system to help detect early signs of hoof disorders. This system uses a 0-3 scale to rate severity with 0 being normal and 3 severe lameness. Work with your veterinarian to determine a treatment program if a lameness is suspected.

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