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SCK Can Co.

Cash them, don't trash them.


1614 Center Street
Sioux City, IA 51103

Cell Phone: 712-253-7282
Last Updated: July 18, 2019




About SCK Can Co.

Operating since: 1988

Can redemption center, waste management. Cans, plastic & bottles with a 5¢ deposit.
  • Accepts:
  • Cash

More About SCK Can Co.

Can redemption center, waste management.


Services Offered: Can Redemption




One ton of recycled plastic saves 5,774 Kwh of energy, 16.3 barrels of oil, 98 million Btu's of energy, and 30 cubic yards of landfill space.


One ton of recycled glass saves 42 Kwh of energy, 0.12 barrels of oil (5 gallons), 714,000 Btu's of energy, 7.5 pounds of air pollutants from being released, and 2 cubic yards of landfill space. Over 30% of the raw material used in glass production now comes from recycled glass.



Recycling of aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy required to make the same amount of aluminum from its virgin source. One ton of recycled aluminum saves 14,000 kilowatt hours (Kwh) of energy, 40 barrels of oil, 238 million Btu's of energy, and 10 cubic yards of landfill space.


One ton of recycled steel saves 642 Kwh of energy, 1.8 barrels of oil, 10.9 million Btu's of energy, and 4 cubic yards of landfill space.

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Help the planet while getting cash for your trash.

It's a win win!


1614 Center St., Sioux City, Iowa 


Importance To People

Recycling is essential to cities around the world and to the people living in them.

  • No space for waste. Our landfill sites are filling up fast, by 2010, almost all landfills in the UK will be full.
  • Reduce financial expenditure in the economy. Making products from raw materials costs much more than if they were made from recycled products.
  • Preserve natural resources for future generations. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials; it also uses less energy, therefore preserving natural resources for the future.

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1614 Center St., Sioux City, Iowa 



Recycling collection

Aluminum is recycled through a variety of programs. The most commonly recognized consumer programs are curbside and municipal.  In these programs, items like beverage cans, aluminum foil, aluminum baking trays and pie pans are recycled. The aluminum industry actively supports the Recycling Partnership, which is a program dedicated to increasing participation in curbside recycling programs and to measure this growth using solid data. Within the industry, building and automotive parts are collected for recycling. More than 90 percent of the aluminum in building and automotive parts is recycled at the end of use. All of these items serve as a feedstock and are sent to aluminum recyclers to be melted down in the secondary production process.

Recycling continuously

Aluminum is one of the most recycled -- and most recyclable -- materials on the market today. Nearly 75 percent of all aluminum produced in the U.S. is still in use today. Aluminum can be recycled directly back into itself over and over again in a true closed loop.

Recycling is economical

The economics of aluminum also contributes to its position as one of the most-recycled metals in the U.S. Unlike many other materials, aluminum more than pays for its own recycling in the consumer and industrial waste stream. The reason: demand for aluminum continues to skyrocket and recycling aluminum saves more than 90 percent of the energy required versus producing new metal.

At SCK CO. we accept all cans, glass, and bottles purchased in Iowa. There are no limits! Items must be clean and separated. We have tables and flats to help you sort your items.

Give us a call for any details or questions 712-258-8996



1614 Center St., Sioux City, Iowa 



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