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Harley Davidson visits Harley-Davidson factory

Harley Davidson visits Harley-Davidson factory

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The following is an excerpt from The Harley-Davidson Dealer Magazine, June 1912.

Harley Davidson and Harley-Davidson sound alike. And out of that fact comes confusion for Harley Davidson and Harley-Davidson.

Harley Davidson is the world's champion fancy and speed ice and roller skater, as many thousands of people know. He is the winner of 2,500 prizes in various fields of sport and has competed and exhibited in nearly every civilized country in the world. When Harley Davidson is not circling the globe, his home is in St. Paul, Minn., not far from the home of Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

As everyone familiar with motorcycles knows, the name of the Harley-Davidson machine and the Harley-Davidson Motor Co. resulted from the association of William S. Harley and the three Davidson brothers - Walter, Arthur and William - when they combined their brains, mechanical knowledge and skill in the production of motorcycles without giving a thought to the possibility of confusion with the name of Harley Davidson, world's champion skater.

Harley Davidson appeared before the public for the first time as a professional skater 26 years ago. Ever since that time he has been before the public in ice and roller skating, boxing, lacrosse, running and bicycle racing. He has two brothers and two sisters who have appeared in all parts of the world as ice and roller skaters, and his father, John Davidson, was an ice skater of national reputation before them.

The Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee was recently visited by Harley Davidson en route for Australia by way of Vancouver, B.C. As he walked through the factory responding to either the name Harley or Davidson, he attracted much attention from the employees of the Harley-Davidson Motor Co.

"Everywhere I go," said Harley Davidson, "people ask me about the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Often I have great difficulty in convincing them that I have no connection with the company other than friendship for Arthur Davidson and a wish for the continued success of the company."

Harley Davidson, a fine example of manhood despite over a quarter of a century in competition, is just as strong as ever and apparently has lost none of his speed or grade in rolling skating. He attributes his condition to the excellent care which he has taken of himself. Mr. Davidson employs a system of training entirely his own and does not pretend to follow the rules laid down by the so-called trainers and physical culture experts. He is temperate in everything, refraining from all excesses of eating or drinking, even of water.

"Despite the rigors of hard training, time and again, I have never been sick in my life," said Davidson when he was in Milwaukee. "I attribute my condition to the excellent care I have taken of myself and to a common sense observance of the rules of living. I feel just as strong as ever and believe I am speedier now than at any time in my career as a roller skater."


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